Charter Council

River Oak Charter School is governed by the Board of Directors referred to as the "Charter Council".

The Charter Council has a legal, fiduciary responsibility for the well-being of the organization. The Charter Council is composed of a broad cross-section of the school community and the community at large, including parents, professionals, and community leaders.

Charter Council Members
  • Tim Mitchell, President
  • Jessica Lee, Vice President
  • Rosie Gonzalez, Secretary
  • Larry Schwartz, Parent Member
  • Kate Feigin, Community Member

Meeting Schedule

Please note the May 11 meeting of the Charter Council will be moved to later in the month, date and time to be determined.

Please review the 2020 Regular Meeting Schedule for the Charter Council meeting dates. All meetings start at 5:30pm (unless indicated otherwise on the schedule.)



Current School Year - Agendas


Current School Year - Minutes